Up/Down Vote Gym Contests — feature request

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I think it would be interesting to be able to upvote or downvote contests in Gym so we could choose which ones to do based on that also. (Maybe only allow upvote and do not allow downvote because people might get triggered due to their bad performance and downvote for no reason, but this is open for debate I guess).

As an example this contest is... hmm... lets say not the best one I've done.

Problem C: statement makes no sense.

Problem H: A key requirement of the output is missing (that the first point to be printed should be the smallest one lexicographically — I was the one who answered that on the clarifications of the contest with my coach mode — there are still many unanswered clarifications).

Problem A: Mentions turning to the right or to the left instead of ccw or cw.

Problem E: Variables constraints are not mentioned and it says "The next T integer are" but it should be "The next N integer are". (Notice that is says integer instead of integers also haha).

There are many grammar mistakes which are not that relevant but indicate that authors did not reread the statement when translating.

Additional feature: While I am at it, I would like to suggest the feature of tracking down which contests a certain team has participated on CF. We can currently see which teams a certain person was a member from, but we cannot see in which contests this team has participated.

MikeMirzayanov, arsijo please consider this request :)

Thanks for reading


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