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How to multiply two large numbers quickly

Revision en1, by balbit, 2019-10-02 17:07:01

Here is a normal implementation of Pollard's Rho algorithm.

ll c = 1;
ll g(ll x, ll n){
    return (x*x+c)%n;

ll po(ll n){
    ll x = 2, y = 2, d = 1;
    while (d==1){
        x = g(x,n); y = g(g(y,n),n);
        d = __gcd(llabs(x-y),n);
    if (d==n) return -1;
    return d;

However, the product x*x will overflow if n is too big (outside of int range). Is there a way to do the multiplication quickly (without using bigint or adding another log factor), or replacing the polynomial with some other function?

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