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Given a natural number 'x' find minimum integer 'j' such that 'x*j' should have digits 4 and 0 only (only digit 4 is also allowed).

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Here we have to print the value of 'x*j'. This problem was asked in my coding interview (Jaguar: Software Profile). Constraints were not mentioned in the problem.

This is the solution that I came up with : Code Explanation: I used a brute-force approach where I found all possible strings consisting of only 4 and 0 using bit-manipulation. Then I searched for the first number which gives : (number % x == 0) true.

It works for small inputs only. Please help me out with this problem and tell me if my approach is correct because I am unable to find any similar problem anywhere else. If possible suggest a similar problem so I can try my approach on that problem to see if it works or not.

Hints are also welcomed.

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