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[Gym] XX Open Cup. Grand Prix of Korea
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Update 2019/11/07. The contest is now in [Gym]( Thanks to [user:MikeMiryazanov] for uploading it. Have fun!↵

Hello! I'm happy to announce XX Open Cup. Grand Prix of Korea.↵

* Contest link: []( (Only visible for users with OpenCup login)↵
* Contest time: 2019/10/13 Sunday, 17:00 Korea Standard Time (UTC+9).↵
* Problemsetters: [user:ainta,2019-10-12], [user:Cauchy_Function,2019-10-12], [user:jh05013,2019-10-12], [user:ko_osaga,2019-10-12], [user:kriii,2019-10-12], [user:.o.,2019-10-12]. Thank you!↵
* Testers: All problemsetters, [user:kdh_9949,2019-10-12], [user:InuyamaAoi,2019-10-12], [user:wxhtxdy,2019-10-12], [user:tzuyu_chou,2019-10-12], [user:xiaowuc1,2019-10-12], [user:chenjb,2019-10-12]. Thank you!↵

List of relevant previous contests:↵

 * [XVIII Open Cup. GP of Korea](↵
 * [KAIST RUN Spring Contest 2018](↵
 * [XIX Open Cup. GP of Korea](↵
 * [XIX Open Cup. GP of Daejeon](↵



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