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Why not support popular packages for algorithms?

Revision en2, by duckladydinh, 2019-10-27 05:50:22

Okay, I know CP is all about ACM and IOI where only self-generated code is permitted, but does Codeforces, Hackerrank and the likes really have to stick to someone else's rules? I mean, does allowing package not promote the correlation between CP and practical programming? Does using package not promote thinking over (but not underrating) implementation? Does it not provide more room for slow languages such as Python? Does it not promote the development of new packages in algorithms and data structures and consequently promoting the popularity of CP among the world of developers (a simple search on Google for algorithm library would throw a bunch of stuff for pytorch and tensorflow)?

Maybe supporting all is no good, but I think there are many advantages to support a few popular options such as numpy, igraph, boost, apache-commons... and the likes. What do you think?

Just a suggestion :) Happy Coding!


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