Call for Problem Setters for Codechef Cook offs.

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Hi guys!

I am going to be the new admin for Cook Offs from December onwards.

We are looking for problem sets for Cook offs to make Cook offs more appreciable. Send the ideas via e-mail to with the subject Cook Off (or Lunchtime if you want to submit for Lunchtime for which Hasan will be admin).

Also partial problem sets are welcomed. We will try to club them with other setters to complete the set.

Currently you can expect a turnaround time of within 5 days to get a reply on your submission from me.

Also I invite everyone to come forward and participate in the Cook offs and let know their opinions on the problemsets in future by commenting on the respective blog posts to help us improve.


Currently we use 7 problems in Cook offs.Problem difficulties I expect them to be according to Codeforces (I will update soon based on codechef version):

Div2A, Div2B, Div2 B(little on the harder side)/ Div2C(avg or easy side ones) , Div1A, Div1B, Div1C, Div1D.

Also it would be great if you reply the solutions to the problems in a second mail replying to the first mail. It would help me in assessing problems without biases.

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