December Easy '19

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Hello Everyone!

I invite you all to HackerEarth's December Easy '19 an exciting contest for beginners which focuses on 6 algorithmic programming questions that you have 3 hours to solve. Partial scoring will be used (you get points for passing each test case). The contest will start on December 7, 04:00 UTC.

The problems are prepared by phoenix_rishabh Rishabh Kejariwal, slappy Shubham Kumar, WaitingForTheEnd Bhupendra Yadav, ankur314 Ankur Ojha and me ojas_bansal Ojas Bansal. Thanks to Arpa AmirReza PoorAkhavan for testing the problems and coordination of the contest.

Here are the prizes for the top three contestants:

$75 Amazon gift card

$50 Amazon gift card

$25 Amazon gift card

HackerEarth T-shirts for top 10 participants with ratings less than 1600

Good Luck!!!

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