How hard is it to become red in CF

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I'm just university freshman and I've been doing cp for 2-3 years. I'm planning to spend my upcoming 3-4 years for learning cp. My current goal for this period is to reach grandmaster. From one side, for me it seems it's somehow possible, by working hard and also considering I've 3-4 years, but from the other side we can see so many people struggling in orange or purple for many years and also considering I'm not good at math and I don't have special skills.

So I want to ask you how hard is it to become red? Is it somehow possible for me or do I need to change my goal? Also it would be perfect if you (I mean red guys) shared your stories on making red(how much time did it take, how hard it was, etc.).

Thanks in advance)

P.S I'm not asking about how to become red because it's asked before in so many blogs, I'm asking about how hard is it to become red.

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