Hash Code 2020

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Hi Codeforces!

Colleagues from Google asked to share the announcement. Join, it'll be fun!

Hash Code


Google’s team programming competition Hash Code is back for another year of challenging developers around the world to solve a Google engineering problem. Think you could optimize the layout of a Google Data Center? Or how about perfecting video streaming on YouTube?

If you’re up for the challenge, sign up to compete by February 17 at g.co/hashcode.

Hash Code takes place over 2 rounds:

  • an Online Qualification Round: Thursday, February 20 from 17:30 — 21:30 UTC: Compete from this virtual round wherever you’d like, including from a Hash Code hub. Hubs allow for teams from the same community (e.g. university or coding club) to compete side-by-side in a fun and exciting environment.

  • a Final Round at Google Ireland: Saturday, April 25: Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification Round are invited to our Dublin office to vie for cash prizes and the title of Hash Code 2020 champion.

Whether you’ve just started coding or you’ve been participating in programming contests for years, Hash Code is a great chance to flex your coding muscles, get a glimpse into software engineering at Google, and have some fun. Take a look at previous Hash Code problem statements to see the engineering challenges participants have tackled in the past.

Register by Feb 17 at g.co/hashcode

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