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Recently, it became necessary to use the Codeforces API using Python. So I decided to write my own library.

This module implements all the methods described in the documentation API Codeforces. The use, in my opinion, is quite logical:

import codeforces_api
cf_api = codeforces_api.CodeforcesApi (api_key, secret) # Authorized access.
anonim_cf_api = codeforces_api.CodeforcesApi () # Anonymous access.

Will return a response if the response from the server return status "OK".

To install via pip you need to do:

pip install CodeforcesApiPy

I believe, that this module will be helpful for someone.

I will be glad to any suggestions for improvement.

Tags #api, api, #codeforces, #python, #python 3, python 3


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