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Diagnostic issues

Правка en2, от dvjakhar31, 2020-04-26 05:20:34

Hello, Today I was solving this problem and here is my submission but when I submitted it, I got the compiler message like this: **Diagnostics detected issues [cpp.g++17-drmemory]: Dr,2020-04-26.M Dr. Memory version 1.11.0

Dr,2020-04-26.M Running "program.exe"

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.


Error: elements in iterator range [__first, __last) are not partitioned by

the value __val.

Objects involved in the operation:

iterator "__first" @ 0x1059DF00 {

  type = long long* (mutable iterator);


iterator "__last" @ 0x1059DF04 {

  type = long long* (mutable iterator);



Dr,2020-04-26.M NO ERRORS FOUND:

Dr,2020-04-26.M 0 unique, 0 total unaddressable access(es)

Dr,2020-04-26.M 0 unique, 0 total uninitialized access(es)

Dr,2020-04-26.M 0 unique, 0 total invalid heap argument(s)

Dr,2020-04-26.M 0 unique, 0 total GDI usage error(s)

Dr,2020-04-26.M 0 unique, 0 total handle leak(s)

Dr,2020-04-26.M 0 unique, 0 total warning(s)

Dr,2020-04-26.M 0 unique, 0 total, 0 byte(s) of leak(s)

Dr,2020-04-26.M 0 unique, 0 total, 0 byte(s) of possible leak(s)

Dr,2020-04-26.M ERRORS IGNORED:

Dr,2020-04-26.M 2 potential error(s) (suspected false positives)

Dr,2020-04-26.M (details: K:\invoker-prod\work\codeforces6\433d99ff3f1a802c0c41f744f0825892\check-c9231dff3cc089f95bcb7dd1a28fde04\run\DrMemory-program.exe.3124.000\potential_errors.txt)

Dr,2020-04-26.M 16 unique, 16 total, 28048 byte(s) of still-reachable allocation(s)

Dr,2020-04-26.M (re-run with "-show_reachable" for details)

Dr,2020-04-26.M Details: K:\invoker-prod\work\codeforces6\433d99ff3f1a802c0c41f744f0825892\check-c9231dff3cc089f95bcb7dd1a28fde04\run\DrMemory-program.exe.3124.000\results.txt

Dr,2020-04-26.M WARNING: application exited with abnormal code 0x3** Can someone list out the common cases of error due to this happens? Thanks!

Теги diagnostic, #help, #help error


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