Why would someone use Python or Java instead of C++ for Codeforces?

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[Note: I am a Java developer who loves Python, okay? I just want to learn something like this for Java/Python to use them more in CP]

I have a question buried deep in my head for all these years, but I don't think I can hold back anymore: Why would anyone use Python or Java in Codeforces?

Not everyone knows C++? I doubt so. Most coders would know at least 2 or 3 programming languages and C/C++ is one of the very classic one usually taught in universities.

More features? I doubt so. Except for big arithmetic problems, I doubt if there is any other feature in Java or Python for CP that C++ does not have. On the other hand, C++ does have more features than them such as speed, policy based data structures and direct memory access.

Shorter code? I seriously doubt so. At least compare to Java, C++ is shorter. Compared to Python, unless you want to couple everything into one unreadable line, then C++ should not be very longer.

I did try Python and Java for CP but only because I think Codeforces is a good place for me to learn those languages. What are your reasons?



  1. Debugging. (actually CLion is quite good at debugging but not free and yeah, not excellent)

  2. Shortness. (as kabuszki pointed out, I am not a Python natural user yet, so I didn t recognize)


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