ICPC 2020 World Finals rescheduled for 2021

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An update regarding the upcoming World Finals:

Status of the ICPC 2020 World Finals in Moscow.

Host MIPT and ICPC are rescheduling the ICPC 2020 World Finals for May or June of 2021 in Moscow. We are committed to give the ICPC 2020 World Finalist teams the opportunities we planned for them this year. Thank you Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology — MIPT for your commitment. Make sure you all mark it on your calendar!

Coming 27 June 2020, we will kick off “ICPC 2020 World Finals Day Zero: The ICPC University Commons” for the ICPC 2020 World Finals participants. Participants will experience online challenges, training activities, networking opportunities, cultural activities, gaming events, and webinars where you can meet some interesting folks who are interested in you.

Thank you ICPC University Commons, World Finals Host MIPT, ICPC NERC Headquarters at ITMO University, ICPC Global Headquarters at Baylor University, and the great sponsors, including ICPC World Finals 2020 Diamond Sponsor Huawei, ICPC Global Tools Sponsor JetBrains, ICPC Global Educational & Talent Gold Sponsor IBM Q, ICPC World Finals 2020 Digital Partner МегаФон, ICPC World Finals 2020 Technical Partner Яндекс, ICPC World Finals 2020 Strategic Partner Raiffeisen Bank.

An Update will be posted by 15 May 2020 with details.

A separate announcement will update you on the upcoming ICPC 2020 Regionals.

Thank you all, especially Nikolay Kudryavcev, MIPT Rector, MIPT Professor Raigorodsky, ICPC Moscow World Finals Director, and Olga Volzhina, Host Operations Chair.

Together, we are committed to “put people first, with students first among people”. With the goodwill and the good graces of academia, industry, and global community leadership, we will make the ICPC 2020 World Finals a unique and rewarding experience for all.


Dr. William B. Poucher, Ph.D.
President, ICPC Foundation

Professor of Computer Science,
Baylor University

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