How to calculate time complexity for sum of four (CSES problemset)

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I am solving a question from CSES sum of four values. I found out the time complexity to be O(n^3) and n is 1000. But most of the solutions are within 0.12 seconds. Where I am going wrong with the calculation of time complexity.

Question is :: You are given an array of n integers, and your task is to find four values (at distinct positions) whose sum is x. CSES question link

The approach i am using is to store index of each element in unordered_map and then traverse the array using three loops to find three elements a1 , a2 , a3 and then check if sum-(a1+a2+a3) exists in map. It seems to be O(n^3) or O(n^3 *log n) with map , but it is getting passed within .12 or max .4 seconds. Shouldn't it get TLE verdict when n is 1000. Making O(1000000000).

I would like to know where I am wrong with the calculations.


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