Top Competitive Programming Youtubers

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As you know there are 100 of competitive programming youtube channels these days(one of which is mine).

But some of those youtube channels are very helpful for people who are learning CP.

So I made a list(based on my opinions) of Top 7 Competitive Programmer Youtubers.

My Reasons : TL;DW

1 : Rachit Jain rachitiitr //I started my youtube channel because of Gaurav Sen and Rachit Jain,they were among the 1st to open up a programming channel.

2: Errichto Errichto //Contest Streams and Explains thought process really well

3: Raj Striver striver_79 //Extremely good Video Tutorials of CF rounds

4: William Lin tmwilliamlin168 //Again Contest Streams and Super Fast Thought Process

5: Algopedia RomeoFantastik //Full Detailed Explanation of rounds in one stream

6: Stefan stefdasca //Video Tutorials of CF Round Problems

7: Gaurav Sen gkcs //One of the best but focuses on System Design Now

8: Waqar Ahmad kazama460 //Added from suggestions

9: Tozan Southerpacks EnumerativeCombinatorics //Added from suggestions(Inactive for 9 months though)

Honourable Mention BlueDiamond Funniest Competitive Programmer I know.

PS: I also have a youtube channel and do mediocre stuff.


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