Codeforces Global Round 8

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On Jun/18/2020 17:45 (Moscow time) we will host Codeforces Global Round 8.

It is the second round of a 2020 series of Codeforces Global Rounds. The rounds are open and rated for everybody.

The prizes for this round:

  • 30 best participants get a t-shirt.
  • 20 t-shirts are randomly distributed among those with ranks between 31 and 500, inclusive.

The prizes for the 6-round series in 2020:

  • In each round top-100 participants get points according to the table.
  • The final result for each participant is equal to the sum of points he gets in the four rounds he placed the highest.
  • The best 20 participants over all series get sweatshirts and place certificates.

Thanks to XTX, which in 2020 supported the global rounds initiative!

Problems for this round are set by me. Thanks a lot to the coordinator 300iq and testers thenymphsofdelphi, Lewin, Golovanov399, Osama_Alkhodairy, gamegame, dorijanlendvaj, HenriqueBrito, kocko, ruban, Origenes, Ilya-bar, rahulkhairwar. Their feedback was a huge help and affected the problemset greatly.

The round will have eight problems and will last 150 minutes.

Scoring distribution: 500 — 1000 — 1500 — 1750 — 2500 — 3000 — 3500 — 3000+1500

Good luck, and see you on the scoreboard!

UPD: the round has concluded, congratulations to the winners:

  1. ecnerwala
  2. tourist
  3. Marcin_smu
  4. Petr
  5. Radewoosh
  6. Um_nik
  7. maroonrk
  8. eatmore
  9. snuke
  10. KAN

Check current Codeforces Global series standings here (courtesy of aropan).

You can find the editorial here.

Stay tuned for prizes announcement!


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