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Hello, Codeforces community!

I am very proud to announce SRM 787 is underway, authored by me. The contest will start today at 16:00 UTC.

It is my third experience in holding a contest at Topcoder. Holding contests on Topcoder is always memorable, having misof as contest coordinator and hmehta as a kind helper, it can't be nice more. Although struggling with Java and MPSQAS is not easy, being with a kind and professional team makes it sweet. So thank you Misof and Harshit! Also, Misof tested the contest.

Problem stories are all about my honorable mighty teacher, Abolfazl Asadi, who is currently doing great in teaching students and preparing them for INOI (Iran National Olympiad of Informatics). You will know him in problem statements as "Aqa Asadi". "Aqa" means "Sir" in Persian.

Abolfazl Asadi

I can't skip thanking my dear friend Javad javaD Karimi, who proposed the idea of Div. 1 Easy.

P. S. Please note that the coding phase will begin at 16:05 UTC but the registration will still close at 15:55 UTC.

Good luck to everyone!

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