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With reference to my previous blog : All Div 3, Div 2, Educational Round links

Thank you for the huge response from your side on my previous blog. I feel that this kind of portal is really needed for everyone to keep track of our progress. My intentions were to develop a simple webpage that displays the list of category wise contests on codeforces, So I used simple HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop the portal. Later I feel (also requested by many users) to integrate many new features like fetching user info, catching, etc. I tried to implement some of this but the website was not that much scalable to handle all the things.

So, now I restarted the project in React.js to implement all the features. I have tried to improved UI and make websites upgradable to new features in the future. Now fetching multiple users together is possible, new categories added.

Web-Portal :

Github Repo :

Note: The website is in the development phase, I am still working on many new features to implement. If anyone wishes to contribute can visit Github repo.

If you want to request any features or give feedback, please comment the same on this blog.

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