Hear verdicts to your submissions! (no set up required)

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CF Notifications

Want an easy-to-use tool to notify you when you get a problem correct? Looking for an inspirational jingle to celebrate when you AC? Wish you could just move on to problem B immediately after submitting A and had someone to let you know in case you got it wrong? Now you can! is a simple website that does this for you. All you have to do is type in your handle and click login.

It works on all CF rounds, and also other submissions if you are upsolving, practicing, or running a VP on your own. Personally, I just leave it on a second computer with the volume turned up and then I don't have to worry about it ever.

How it works

It rechecks Codeforces every 4 seconds for new submissions, or every 1 second if you have a submission that is judging. It uses the CF API and I did my best to make sure it is as low-impact to the servers as possible while still giving results pretty much instantly.

Let me know what you think!


  • Per request, I added the ability to play a custom sound on AC (or play no sound at all). The changes are live now, so you should be able to see, but basically now you can enter 'none' if you just want the notification that you got the problem right and no 'distracting' inspirational sound effect, or something like '' if you want to hear 3 minutes of Stacy's Mom every time you solve a problem!

  • I also made it save your handle (and the custom sound if you choose to use one) as a cookie, so it should be even easier to use. If you have been there before, everything will auto-fill so you can literally just click the button and it's working.


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