CodeChef asked me to reply within 5 days, but they haven't replied me for 9 days

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I want to keep the story short and clear:

  1. On 2020/6/21, I received an e-mail from I was told that one of my solutions in APRIL20A was found to be similar to others'.

    Let us know within five days, if you think you are being wrongly penalized due to the false positive that MOSS has thrown.

  2. On the same day when I received the e-mail, I replied that I used a third-party code which had been publicly available since 2017, and according to the Code Of Conduct I could use it.

  3. On 2020/6/23, I replied with a new e-mail to ask for the progress.

  4. On 2020/6/26, I thought that maybe I shouldn't reply to, so I wrote a new e-mail to

  5. Until 2020/6/30 13:50 (UTC+8), I haven't received any reply to the e-mails mentioned above, and my solutions are still disqualified.

Without any reply for days, I began to think that I might have sent the e-mail to a wrong place again. In the first e-mail, I was only told to "let them know" without any instructions on how to reach them.

However, I heard that some people got a quick reply after writing a blog post, so I guess this is the proper way to reach CodeChef admins.

I hope that "writing a blog post" can be added in Contact Us so that no one will be wasting his/her time on writing e-mails to CodeChef.

Relevant screenshots:

First e-mail from CodeChef

My first two replies

My third e-mail

APRIL20A scores

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