IOI 2020 Armenian team

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In 2018 Armenia didn't receive any medals from IOI (the last time when Armenia didn't receive any medals from IOI was 2001). After that in 2019 we didn't participate in IOI for political reasons and it turned out that we can't win any medals in IOI already two years.

Exactly two years ago I started to train Armenian school students for IOI and my dream (maybe destination) in the school years was to win SIVLER medal in IOI :) (but I couldn't, I only had an one chance and I received a bronze medal). And finally today my students win 4 medals. Two of them won silver medals (EmilConst and Andreasyan) and two of them won bronze medals (Arayi and enoone) (both of them were very close to silver medal :'( ).

I am proud of you guys!! Great work! Congratulations all of you and wish that this win will be the smallest achievement of your life. And finally now I can say that my dream is completed <3.


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