Codeforces Extensions

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Hello everyone!

I have collected some codeforces extensions that were created by users!

  • CF-Predictor — Know your rating changes Blog Link
  • Codeforces Practice Tracker — Browser Extension Blog Link
  • Presenting Codeforces Optimal Theme Blog Link
  • | Efficient Codeforces Practice Blog Link
  • Colorize standings by used programming language Blog Link
  • [UPD: 22 July 2020 -- v.1.2] Codeforces Enhancer — Chrome Extension Blog Link
  • Multiple rating graph with other accounts Blog Link
  • Google Chrome extension for automatic sample case testing on Codeforces Blog Link
  • CF X-Users : Website For X-Users Blog Link
  • Codeforces Watcher 1.7.0 (Asimov): User Profile UI and few more updates Blog Link
  • Codeforces WatchR 1.6.0: Localization, UX/UI polishes and bug fixes Blog Link
  • Average number of problems solved during a contest per rating Blog Link
  • Multiple rating graph with other accounts Blog Link
  • Codeforces Chrome Extension for FB Blog Link
  • Dogeforces (now available in Chrome extension!!) Blog Link
  • [Coder's Calendar] Chrome extension for Competitive Programming Blog Link
  • Google Chrome Extension Blog Link
  • Codeforces Problem Tracker Chrome Extension Blog Link
  • An awesome list for competitive programming! Blog Link
  • Codeforces Visualizer Android App Blog Link
  • CF Submission Count — Browser Extension Blog Link
  • Introducing Codeforces standings by country Blog Link
  • Codeforces Data Scraping Websites, Ashishgup list, Blog Link
  • Dark mode in codeforces Blog Link
  • Change rating and Contribution (CF no steroids) Blog Link

some useful site:

If someone knows any extensions I haven't added, please let me know!!


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