ACL Contest 2 Announcement

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This contest is CANCELLED. Please read updates for details

We will hold ACL Contest 2.

The point values will be 300-600-700-900-1300-1900.

The concept of this contest is the same as ACL1, so you may refer to the announcement of ACL1 for more details.

We are looking forward to your participation!


We decided to postpone the contest. The new date is not confirmed, but it is likely to be 3rd October.

The reason for this sudden decision is the collision of the problem with today's Japanese contest (problem). This task is almost the same as our E. We thought if we were to hold the contest with current problems, it would favor Japanese competitors too much.

Sorry for the inconvenience; we appreciate your understanding.


We regret to inform you that we discussed the issue and concluded that it is hard to hold ACL2. If we replace E with another problem, you can easily deduce from the point values that these 300,500,700,900,1900 pointers do not need FFT, and the other one is likely to require it. We thought this would spoil the contest, and we tried to find a way to avoid this situation. However, we concluded that it's hard to keep going with this problem set. Therefore, we decided to use the tasks in future contests (of course, we will not use them all together).

rng_58 is now preparing a makeshift contest named Junior ACL (or something), which also uses AtCoder library but is much easier than the original ACL contest. This contest is more like yet another ABC and rated for <2000. The contest will be educational for beginners, but please don't expect ad-hoc, original problems (so it won't be interesting for D1 people; however, it may be useful if you want to test the usage of the ACL library). He said he would finish the preparation quickly and hold the contest tomorrow (or today in the Asian timezone), that is, the same time and date as the original ACL2! Watch out for the announcement from him.

Again, we are very sorry about this. We hope to see you in our next 2800 rated round, which will happen next week.


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