ARC Lockout Tournament (Unofficial)

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Let's hold an ARC Lockout Tournament. The idea is inspired by ecnerwala's Lockout tournaments and kenkoooo's ABC tournaments. This is not an official tournament, so there will be no prize; the winner gets the honor as the champion of the lockout tournament.

The rule is basically the same as ecnerwala's.

  • I use the actual points in the contest (like 300-400-500-600-700-800) to judge the winner.
  • Only the user with the earlier AC time gets the assigned score (tie-break by submission ID)
  • The time penalty doesn't matter.
  • In case of tie, the winner is the first one who reached that score (again the tie penalty doesn't matter).
  • In case both participants skip the round, the winner is the one with the higher rating at that time.

I don't want to mess up the results of rated participants with this format, so you need to be a red or above on AtCoder. If you want to participate, please reply this thread with your AtCoder handle by November 21st, 0:00, JST (that is 21 hours before the start of ARC 108). After that, the tournament bracket will be made in the 18452736 manner by ratings.

The first round is ARC 108, the second round is ARC 109, and so on.

UPD: I don't want to decrease writers because of this; if a match involves a writer or a tester, the result of the match is determined by the next ARC.

UPD: Thank you for the registration! Now the registration closed. Bracket You can add predictions now!

So, tomorrow is the match between Anadi and Golovanov399.

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