Results and Editorial for mBIT 2020 November Round

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the mBIT Fall 2020 competition today! All of the information on this blog post is also available in our archive, which also includes the full leaderboard.

Problems and Editorials

Test your solutions on our Codeforces Gyms: Standard, Advanced


We are pleased to announce the winners!

Advanced Division

Winning Teams:

  1. Zagreb Oblutci (HS team) — Dorijan Lendvaj (XV. gimnazija Zagreb), Krešimir Nežmah (XV. gimnazija Zagreb), Patrick Pavić (XV. gimnazija Zagreb)

  2. qncqwy6w69 (HS team) — Suneet Mahajan (Douglas Community School), Kostia Savchuk (коростишівське нвк "школа-ліцей"), Ashley Khoo (NUS High School), Fedor Romashov (The Advanced Educational Scientific Center MSU)

  3. Peer Pressure Aaron to go on a Date with BessieViraj Maddur, Aditya Parulekar, Steven Cheng, Aaron Lamoreaux

  4. cantsolvediv2a (HS team) — Hankai Zhang (Detroit Country Day School), Anthony Wang (Ladue Horton Watkins HS)

  5. jharada fan clubHuaiyu Wu, Yuting Zhou, Antonio Molina Lovett, Maryam Bahrani

  6. Coastal Demolishers (HS team) — Richard Qi (Princeton HS), Anand John (Brandywine HS), Nathan Chen (Garnet Valley HS), Shiva Oswal (Seven Springs Academy)

Standard Division

Winning Team: <input class="input" placeholder="Insert Creative Name Here">Ryan Bai (Carmel Valley MS)

Second Place MS Team: Watermelon JuiceDaniel Wu (Tilden MS), David Sy (Tilden MS), Paul Trusov (Tilden MS)


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