LU ICPC Selection Contest 2020 and KFU Open Contest 2020 in Gym

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Hi all!


I invite you to take participation in the ICPC gym contest University of Latvia Selection Contest 2020 / Kazan Federal University Open Contest 2020 this Nov/21/2020 11:00 (Moscow time)! The contest has been held on October 31st in Latvia, to select the best teams from LU to advance to the quarterfinals (Belarus and Baltics Regional Contest), and then on November 1st in Kazan, at the KFU Open championship for university and high school students.

The contest has been prepared by AcidWrongGod, Ferume, KamilBek, cfk, gen, lessmeaning by authors from both LU and KFU.

The statements will be both in English and Russian. If you have some free time this Saturday, enjoy!


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