Announcing Competitive Programmming Helper 5.0

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I'm happy to release v5 of Competitive Programming Helper ( CPH ) !


CPH is a VS Code extension that allows you to quickly download, test and submit problems from Codeforces and other sites, and even locally, for your own problems! Supports C++, C, Java, Python.


  • Auto downloading testcases & problem details.
  • Auto compilation and auto judging of testcases.
  • Handling of signals, errors and TLEs.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Lots of configuration settings to make it yours!

This new release brings a new 'docked' UI that is much better in terms of performance and removes a lot of UI bugs.


If you like CPH, you can download it from here: or directly from VS Code extensions search.


Check out the screenshots below!

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