Latest innovations on Codeforces [January 2021]

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Hello everyone!

The Codeforces team is working hard every day to improve the platform. Here's a quick overview of the latest innovations.

Mashups deletion

Until recently, there was no way on Codeforces to completely remove mashups you created. They stayed "hanging" in the interface and could get in the way if there were a lot of them.

Now you can delete the mashups you created. To do this, go to the edit page:

Edit page

At the bottom of the page there will be a delete button:

Delete button

Deleting a mashup is reversible, meaning you can restore it if necessary. You can view deleted mashups by clicking on the link below the table with mashups.

Other innovations

  • Added filter by contest format (IOI or ICPC) in mashups and gyms.
  • Compiler versions updated: Python 2 up to 2.7.18, Python 3 up to 3.9.1, Ruby up to 3.0.0, Go up to 1.15.6, Rust up to 1.49.0.
  • Now you can hide streams from the calendar.
  • The page with the list of user's contests now shows when the contest started.
  • The group invites page now shows who invited you.
  • Now you can massively change problem indices in mashups. Previously, to renumber problems in the mashup, you had to edit each task separately.
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