Codeforces Round #698 (Div.1, Div.2)
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Good morning/afternoon/evening, Codeforcers!↵

We ([user:Nezzar,2021-01-26], [user:triple__a,2021-01-26], [user:Nanako,2021-01-26]) are very excited to present to you [contest:1477] and [contest:1478], which will take place in [contest_time:1477].↵

There will be **6 tasks** waiting for you to be solved in **135 minutes**!↵

We would also want to thank:↵

- [user:isaf27,2021-01-26] for the coordination and discussion of this round!↵

- [user:KAN,2021-01-26] for great help and advice of round prepartion!↵

- [user:alex20030190,2021-01-26], [user:KAN,2021-01-26], [user:Roundgod,2021-01-26], [user:gisp_zjz,2021-01-26], [user:sshwyR,2021-01-26], [user:xryjr233,2021-01-26], [user:jhdonghj112,2021-01-26], [user:low_,2021-01-26], [user:dragon_bra,2021-01-26], [user:gamegame,2021-01-26], [user:mmello,2021-01-26], [user:cycl,2021-01-26], [user:Reiva5,2021-01-26], [user:kzyKT,2021-01-26], [user:hitonanode,2021-01-26], [user:parker0523,2021-01-26], [user:baohiep,2021-01-26] for testing and providing valuable feedback of the problems!↵

- [user:MikeMirzayanov,2021-01-26] for great systems Codeforces and Polygon!↵

Score distribution will be announced at $n$ $(0 \leq n < + \infty)$ minutes before round starts.↵
We hope you high performance with a lot of points earned during contest!↵

**UPD1** $n$ is chosen to be $300$.↵

Score distribution is↵

**Div. 2**: 500-1000-1500-1500-2000-2500↵

**Div. 1**: 500-1000-1500-2250-2750-4000↵

**UPD2** The contest is ended despite CodeForces under attack from DDoS midway. Thanks all for joining!↵

Here is the editorial: [Editorial](↵


Congratulations to the winners!↵

Div 1:↵

1. [user:maroonrk,2021-01-28]↵
2. [user:panole,2021-01-28]↵
3. [user:tourist,2021-01-28]↵
4. [user:Miracle03,2021-01-28]↵
5. [user:boboniu,2021-01-28] (The only contestant who solved F during contest time!)↵

div 2:↵

1. [user:bahu,2021-01-28]↵
2. [user:yplane,2021-01-28]↵
3. [user:islingr,2021-01-28]↵
4. [user:chen__zexing,2021-01-28]↵
5. [user:ChuTian,2021-01-28]↵

People who were first to solve each task:↵

D2A: [user:pj423,2021-01-28]↵

D2B: [user:Zeyush,2021-01-28]↵

D2C: [user:BelieveInYou,2021-01-28]↵

D2D/D1A: [user:IgorI,2021-01-28]↵

D2E/D1B: [user:SSRS_,2021-01-28]↵

D2F/D1C: [user:Benq,2021-01-28]↵

D1D: [user:Um_nik,2021-01-28]↵

D1E: [user:tourist,2021-01-28]↵

D1F: [user:boboniu,2021-01-28]


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