Codenation 2021 Hiring challenge Server failure

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Chronology of events :

1) Solved problem 2, submitted, got "correct answer"

2) Solved problem 3, submitted, got "correct answer"

3) Coded problem 4, got some errors in testing, debugged it, clicked "test" button got Please wait, fetching code

4) Thought it is some server issue, moved to problem 1, coded it and clicked "test" button, got Please wait, fetching code

5) Moved to 5th problem, tried solving it, couldn't get a concrete idea

6) Tried submitting 1 and 4, got the same issue

7) Copy pasted the test link in a fresh window, continued with the contest and tried submitting again, this time got Error: Connection lost.

8) Tried minimizing the window and checking the internet connection, got warning "Go to fullscreen in 10s", checked internet connection worked fine.

9) Tried submitting multiple times but in vain.

I wasted a lot of time and was not able to submit 2 problems. Any help or guidance would be great ?

Did anyone else face this issue ?

Tagging people whom I think would be able to help Ashishgup


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