Evidence of ACPC Corruption

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This blog is about ACPC corruption, ACPC is the ICPC regional contest for students competing in Africa and the Arab region.

Sorry for posting this from a fake account, but as you will see in the video our team can be disqualified in case we used our real accounts!

We believe that ACPC is corrupted and in this video, we have included some evidence of this corruption

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ACPC-Corruption-104279088364028

We are students, we can’t afford to pay $1500 (the mandatory participation fees). We don’t understand why we are the only region where students have to pay these huge sums. All we want is a normal contest that students can afford its fees like any other region.

ACPC has set a deadline for paying the fees on 15/02 and till now there are many qualified teams that can’t afford these fees so this might be the last chance to make a difference and this can only happen with your shares and support.

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