[Cont.] About Rating Changes in AtCoder.

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Thank you for sharing your opinion on my last blog.

I considered what kind of participants I'd like to honor the most. It was those who have strong confidence and eagerness to take part in contests, not those who care about their rating too much or think like, "what if I can't solve a problem...".

Thus I finally decided to adopt an "open-then-rated" system.

Now it's time to determine the details of the new system. What I'm currently considering is the followings:

  • If you try to open a problem in the first five or ten minutes of a contest, you see a Read Problems button, and pressing it confirms your rated participation.
  • If you are late (or don't press the button in the first five or ten minutes), you are unrated, but still can read and submit to the problems. Also, your name will be shown in the standings and it counts for GP30 scores.

This is a draft, so if you have a concern or an idea, please share it here.


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