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CSES Problem Set: Now on Codeforces!

Revision en5, by Agnimandur, 2021-02-20 07:30:40

Hi Codeforces,

Many of you know about the CSES Problem Set, an online collection of over 300 competitive programming problems made by pllk! I have decided to clone all the CSES problems onto Codeforces! Each CSES category will be its own separate gym contest, listed below.

  • Introductory Problems (19 problems)
  • Sorting and Searching (35 problems)
  • Dynamic Programming (19 problems)
  • Graph Algorithms (36 problems)
  • Range Queries (19 problems)
  • Tree Algorithms (16 problems)
  • Mathematics (31 problems)
  • String Algorithms (17 problems)
  • Geometry (7 problems)
  • Advanced Techniques (24 problems)
  • Additional Problems I (38 problems)
  • Additional Problems II (39 problems)


There are two main reasons why I decided to do this project.

Slow CSES Judge

The CSES Judge is very slow, often resulting in correct solutions that should get accepted instead getting the TLE verdict. This is especially a problem for programmers who use Java. However, the Codeforces judge is much faster, which solves this issue.

Codeforces API

The Codeforces API is quite powerful. By adding these problems to gym contests, these problems can now be accessed by the Codeforces API, which will aid developers and people who use Codeforces bots to suggest problems.

Note: Work in Progress!!

This is still a work in progress! There are over 300 problems on CSES, and it will likely take me months to get them all on Codeforces. Therefore, I recommend you "favorite" this blog post, and check back on the contests regularly.


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