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Reserve your Codeforces handle on CodeDrills

Revision en1, by deepa_panwar, 2021-02-24 10:07:17

We are introducing handles to CodeDrills in preparation for introducing ratings and public profile. For a limited period of time, we will allow users to reserve their CodeForces handles on CodeDrills. Here is the procedure for the same:

  1. Login to CodeDrills
  2. Visit your profile by clicking on the upper right icon and selecting Profile
  3. Click edit to edit the profile
  4. In Competitive tab, click add, select Codeforces as the site and add your CF handle there
  5. It will show a message on how to verify the handle, do the changes and click verify
  6. Once verified your CodeDrills handle will automatically be set to the CF handle. You can verify this by going back to your profile and checking.
  7. In case you already have a verified Codeforces handle, go to profile edit, in the personal tab click save, then go back. The verified handle should automatically be picked up.

You can only port your handles till 5th March, 2021 (IST). Post that, new users can set their own handles and you may not be able to have the same handle as Codeforces.

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