ICPC Asia Regionals 2019 Problem (Game of ORs) Unavailable for practice

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I was trying 2019 ICPC Regionals contest on codechef for practice. Found it quite stragne that out of the 8 problems, only Game of ORs is not available for submission. Although the problem statement is visible, like the rest, but there is no submit button. Is this a glitch or was it removed for some reason?

I even tried to directly find the problem on codechef (here) but it just shows "Attention: Problem is not visible now. Please try again later." whereas other problems from the contest show up just fine.

I wanted to verify my solution for the problem, does anyone know any other OJ for this particular round? Or maybe if someone from codechef community has any info on this, it'll be a huge help. Thanks!

I've posted a similar discussion (link) on codechef as well, but feel that codeforces blogs have a much wider viewership and more active response.

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