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Teams Going to 2021 ICPC North America Championship

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Now that the advancing teams have been posted on the ICPC website, I've put the attending teams below. Here's a link to the NAC website (which may be updated soon?).

Comment below with the handles or names of the team members of the advancing teams. Please do not post anyone's name or handle without their permission, since student names are not publicly available from ICPC (AFAIK).

Let me know if any of the information below needs to be fixed.

Central Division

University Team Name Member 1 Member 2 Member 3
University of Wisconsin — Madison teamname or NP = D?(AdjP)*N(PP)* bvd AquaBlaze ziyuan949
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign UIUC B jasonx3 imbr92 estelle0500
DePaul University Demons boocoo David Gawel Max Slavin
York University York Red Thallium54 T-R injust
Milwaukee School of Engineering Kotlinaughts sylvyrfysh Hakiobo kiel.dowdle

East Division

University Team Name Member 1 Member 2 Member 3
Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT ZEROONE Miracle03 matthew99 jerry
University of Waterloo Waterloo Black
Carnegie-Mellon University CMU2 cadenza clam Gilwall
University of Toronto U of T Blue Deemo Blondie Growth
Purdue University Purdue RE Kuroni 1-gon richzli
Rutgers University Rutgers — 5 Hour Energy jdurie akifpatel adamjamil
Northeastern University NEU 1
University of Rochester Rochester #1 heklo ReaLNero Aced-by-B
University of Toronto Scarborough UTSC A
Ohio State University Sublinear Substring Seekers
Yale University Yale-Yale
Harvard University Harvard
University of Cincinnati gameisez
Princeton University Team C
McGill University Bees
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Victors
Stevens Institute of Technology Stevens-1
Columbia University Columbia-[Runtime Terror]

South Division

University Team Name Member 1 Member 2 Member 3
University of Central Florida UCF Slow Cooker Sharon lightseba DanielW48
Swarthmore College cout << 1/0 << endl;
Georgia Institute of Technology GT 01 chenjb yfhuang sarkar
University of Texas at Austin UT O(range) aditya_arj Catalystic Malomalomalomalo
University of North Carolina UNC_Alternate
Texas A&M University tamoo
University of Texas at Dallas whoosh
Emory University M||E
Rice University Rice Owls
Duke University team 1 Liang Lyu Zeyush Aining Liu
University of Virginia Onee-sama
University of North Texas UNT Team 1
Bob Jones University BJU Bruins A
Clemson University Clemson 000
Johns Hopkins University DaBriMan

West Division

University Team Name Member 1 Member 2 Member 3
University of California San Diego UCSD Team 1 Suzukaze zerotrac kode_4_fun
University of California Berkeley Berkeley Blue
University of California Los Angeles UCLA Ice Cream Sandwich lucasxia01 jacob.b.zhang arihant72600
University of Washington 1-gon di-gon dra-gon tonyli00000 Evirir bmu
Stanford University Stanford Cardinal miagkov _iris_ I_love_sqrtdecompton
University of British Columbia Okanagan UBC O(1)
University of British Columbia UBC************
University of Alberta Alberta Gray
Simon Fraser University SFU_Lavender
California Institute of Technology SOTU
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