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Hello codeforces community hope everyone is fine. I waana ask something related to codeforces that when ever I participate in cf contest I don't able to solve problems even the A one. I don't know why even i don't get the intuition in my mind...but it's totally different when I paricipate in codechef short challenges I m able to solve sometime 4 problm on avg from div 3 nd 3 problems avg from div 2 yaa I know that i don't know advanced data structure that's why i didn't able to solve the 4th problem in codechef or sometime the 3rd one also.I m really getting demotivated when I m not able to solve the problem on cf contest.But after the contest I m able to solve problems.But why I don't no..Plzz suggest something that hlp me to overcome this.


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