Codeforces Round #722
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Hi Codeforces!↵

[user:Dio,2021-05-22], [user:Keshi,2021-05-22], [user:Tet,2021-05-22], [user:alireza_kaviani,2021-05-22], [user:-Zeus-,2021-05-22], [user:alishahali1382,2021-05-22] and I are delighted to invite you to participate in [contest:1528] and [contest:1529], which will be held at [contest_time:1528]. Each division will have **6 problems** and **2 hours and 15 minutes** to solve them.↵

The curse has finally been lifted! We are proud to announce that [user:antontrygubO_o,2021-05-22] didn't reject even a single task from the Div. 1 part!↵

Huge thanks to the following people:↵

- [user:antontrygubO_o,2021-05-22] for being an outstanding coordinator; This round wouldn't have happened if it weren't for him.↵

- Our ever-growing army of testers [user:gamegame,2021-05-22], [user:Atreus,2021-05-22], [user:dorijanlendvaj,2021-05-22], [user:aarr,2021-05-22], [user:1-gon,2021-05-22], [user:EnEm,2021-05-22], [user:N.N_2004,2021-05-22], [user:AaParsa,2021-05-22], [user:_Seyed37_,2021-05-22], [user:Roham,2021-05-22], [user:Clix,2021-05-22], [user:Narut,2021-05-22], [user:SinaSahabi,2021-05-22], [user:sinamhdv,2021-05-22], [user:arvindr9,2021-05-22], [user:shokouf,2021-05-22], [user:munghatekartik,2021-05-22], [user:Ali_Tavakoli,2021-05-22], [user:vodacbaoan,2021-05-22], [user:Shahraaz,2021-05-22], [user:captain-teemo,2021-05-22], [user:growup974,2021-05-22], [user:kassutta,2021-05-22], [user:the_borono,2021-05-22], [user:saarang123,2021-05-22], [user:iANikzad,2021-05-22], [user:Etherite,2021-05-22] and [user:-this-is-obd-,2021-05-22] for testing the round and providing invaluable feedback.↵

- [user:MikeMirzayanov,2021-05-22] for the amazing platforms Codeforces and Polygon!↵

- Last but not least, to all the participants of this round!↵

For the sake of having short statements, this round does not have a theme. The characters featured in the statements are: Soroush ([user:Tet,2021-05-22]), Sifid ([user:-Zeus-,2021-05-22]), Parsa ([user:Dio,2021-05-22]), Nima ([user:N.N_2004,2021-05-22]), AaParsa ([user:AaParsa,2021-05-22]), Haj Davood ([user:davooddkareshki,2021-05-22]), Kavi ([user:alireza_kaviani,2021-05-22]), Keshi ([user:Keshi,2021-05-22]), Mashtali ([user:alishahali1382,2021-05-22]) and AmShZ ([user:AmShZ,2021-05-22]). ↵

Please read all of the problems and their notes, enjoy your time and solve as many as you can! Good luck have fun to everyone!↵

The scoring distributions will be announced 
shortly<strike>shortly</strike> later.


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