Submission queue issue in APIO 2021

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During the Vietnamese team's participation in APIO 2021, we had a large submission queue during our last 2 or so hours, which made it impossible to get the verdict of our submissions.

For me in particular, and for many people in my team, this directly resulted in a big loss of points. For me, I lost 23 points in problem 2 due to an array bounds bug and 31 points in problem 3 due to a bug in subtask 2 (my code for 3 and 4 was correct, but I put it after subtask 2.) These bugs would probably have been fixable had I been able to see the results of my submissions.

The organizers did give us 30 more minutes, but during that time the queue was still blocked anyway.

I am aware that very little can be done at this point on the part of the APIO organizers, but I am still posting this to make people aware of this issue that we encountered. Hopefully there will be something that the organizers can do so that we could have a better experience.

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