Why so less "RED" coders in India?

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I really admire the names in the "—>Top Rated" section on the right side of the page. But to see that their is no Indian in those names hurts a little. I know India has a strong mathematical heritage and it should have been reflected in the particularly new paradigm of Computer Science also, but sadly it doesn't. So, what do you guys think are some reasons that Indians don't have any coders in not only Top 10 but also none in Top 100? I didn't particularly research on this topic but here are some reasons I can think of.

  • Most of the people who start CP is because of Jobs. I don't think there is anything wrong with it but this type of motivation won't take anyone far. Indians become Candidate Master or Master and stop CP completely after getting a job.
  • Due to almost 0 coding culture in high schools. Well a typical Indian starts coding in college(most people in 2nd year to be honest) and considering they have 3-4 years to do CP, I don't think many people can become a "RED" in this span.
  • Late arrival of CP hype in India. Not many knew about CP some years ago. Indians have drastically increased in CF community in-turn leading to high participation in current contests. This might help in changing the current scenario of "RED" coders.(Also a side-effect that cheating has increased due to this)

These reasons are really crude, but anyways, what do you guys think?

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