Minimum time to reach destination with matrix cells getting banned

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Problem: Given a matrix of dimension m*n. There are x number of penguins standing on some cell(i,j) in the matrix initially. And there are some safe spots/cells in the matrix. Our job is figure out the minimum time for penguins to reach the safe spot with following conditions:

  1. If a spot is already taken by some penguin, any other penguin cannot take that spot.
  2. While traversing, If some penguin passes through cell (i,j) in its path to reach some safe spot, it is banned for other penguins to use that cell.

Print -1 in case if it not possible for all penguins to reach to some safe spot.

Penguins can move in four directions i.e either up, down, left, right. All penguins can move to one of the adjacent cells in 1 unit of time.

Let me know if the problem statement is not clear.

Would love to hear about your approach.


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