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Having seen too many cheating blogs, it is hard to keep track of all the names and also it annoys people. So how about this, we maintain a common blog for all the cheats ever ?!

I will update this blog on say a biweekly basis, till then you guys can comment or dm me. Make this blog so famous that even companies/corporates look upto this blog to find if the candidate cheats or not.

So I have decided to make this a common cheating blog where you will find the list of all the cheaters who ever cheated starting from Round 732. I am determined to cleanse this site and make a little bit of difference are you too ?

My only request to the reader is too please not treat this blog "as yet another cheating blog" because it is not. It is a collective effort of the community to put a stop to cheating on this site.


Keeping in mind the blog section of CF and not making look "common cheat blog" which is the first thing you see as it ticks off many people including me, decided to rename it to the current. CCB stands for common cheat blog. I wish I could also change my handle to CCB but that is for another year.

Round 732

As we are all aware of some significant last minute plag on 732 div2 round with B,C,D getting submitted in a time gap of 15 minutes! I suggest MikeMirzayanov to use their codes as kind of a base maybe to catch other cheats too.

List of cheaters Round(732 D2):

Ayush935 depcoder dubeaditya sdeep9 madhur.nilu codewithakki ace_nishant Parmeet6607 izzat_chahiye_mujhe tusharjaiswal _aadiupadhyay_ akshat_porwal

Round 733

Here I was thinking that there might not have been a significant amount of cheating as the previous round. But I was wrong. This blog post immediately caught my eye and now I see, even high rated coders are now slowly starting to get affected by cheating indirectly! The accused stopcheatingmyself is to blame as per JaySharma1048576 which I totally agree with given the record of our Master friend here. MikeMirzayanov I urge you to please start taking this matter seriously now.

Thanks to another_alt_account for finding that AG guy. Here are all his handles. I request MikeMirzayanov to please ban them all. Check his blog in AG for evidence.

AG handles to be banned :

spidy7, sumitac_chan, ethical_coder__, chichi123

Famous Cheaters

kedos123 hello_algorithm vadapavandchill kassutta ambarsariya

If you find any new ones then please comment/dm I will put them here.

PS : The Final solution may sound too harsh but it is what it is.

I will leave you with a thought,

Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.

Have a good day!

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