Hints in editorials

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When I am practicing problems most of the time it's hard for me to get the idea to solve the problem on the first go. So if I am not able to get the approach I go and watch the editorial but for some contests the contest organizers don't post only the editorials but also some hints to approach the problem and it happens with me that just by reading one hint I start getting the on how to tackle the problem instead of reading the whole editorial. So my point is for every contest the editorials should have some hints too. I know this might be too much to ask for because the problem writers and testers are doing a spectacular and hard work in organizing these contests and helping everyone to work on them. Because a lot of efforts goes in organizing a contest but it would be super amazing to get hints also. Although now most of the contests editorials do have hints but it would be amazing if all contests editorials have these hints. (Pardon me for my bad English)


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