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The Solution coincides with another person, whom I don't know.

Revision en1, by skjha98, 2021-07-30 16:46:17

I got a message from 'system' that


Your solution 123456859 for the problem 1551A significantly coincides with solutions skjha98/123456859, Nedtofigo/123472639. Such a coincidence is a clear rules violation. Note that unintentional leakage is also a violation. For example, do not use with the default settings (public access to your code). If you have conclusive evidence that a coincidence has occurred due to the use of a common source published before the competition, write a comment to post about the round with all the details. More information can be found at Such violation of the rules may be the reason for blocking your account or other penalties. In case of repeated violations, your account may be blocked.

My Submission is : 123456859

And this is the other guy, whom I don't know at all. Nedtofigo 123472639

Our solutions do match exactly the same, however neither do I use Ideone or any platform where my code can be leaked and neither have I given my solution to that person. I am beginner so I have started to code using VSCode with autoformatter, that might be a reason for that clean formatted code. It seems like a coincidence since the solution was simple that it matched almost exactly, but I have no idea how we have assumed the same variable names. Please let me know what else can be done.


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