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Hello everyone!

Introducing: Codeforces Customizer!!

I have recently developed a chrome extension which enhances the user experience on codeforces. I was always annoyed by the long scrollbar which gets formed after starring several blogs in the favourite section. So I created this extension to solve the problem. But then I thought of enhancing certain other features too. Here is a brief overview of what all is currently available:

Enhanced Blog View:


  • No need to scroll through all blogs!
  • All blogs appear hidden, reducing scrolling.
  • Custom searchbar to search blog titles you are looking for.
  • Expand/Hide individual blogs to see content.
  • Works on favourite blogs and user blogs tab.

    All submissions tab:


  • Directly go to all submissions (status tab) from the problem page for the current problem.

Show results with user lists by default:

  • No need to select the user list in problemset/contest page everytime.
  • Go to https://codeforces.com/lists and enter the list key in the input box of the extension popup and press enter.
  • Now the problemset/contest page will show the results using the list by default.
  • This would be very useful for people who are preparing in a team.

The project is opensource: github.
Chrome web store extension link: Codeforces Customizer

Feel free to make issues, pull requests, feature requests!!
Do let me know what features you would like to have in future updates!

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