One less nerd

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It is with great pleasure, I'm informing my fellow Competitive Programmers that we have successfully gotten rid of one massive nerd of our community:HealthyUG

YES, this nerd is finally leaving CP, after no-lifing for years. This guy has god knows how many alts(4+) and practices in all of them. If you see his ;plot solved you'll realize that this guy needs some mental help. He also has a YT channel where he posts solutions to already solved problems like an idiot

Don't believe me? here see these:

This guy is a big loser, even after being a GM he failed to get PPO in uber, what a loser, maybe not as huge of a nerd as we thought.

YES!!! We are finally getting rid of him. Time to celebrate!!!

To HealthyUG Good luck in your future endeavours so that you never have to grace us with ur nerdy persence ever again!

Good byee nerd!!!! Hope to see you NEVER



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