A Beautiful solution for Cheaters

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I thought of this long ago but was too lazy to write it. I will try to keep the idea brief.Lets ask some series of questions.

Why do people are cheating in CP?
Major Reason

Now we have some idea why people may cheat.

What Codeforces can do?
We will use Fear, Shame and simple Probabilty
What People working in different companies can do?
Spread it like fire
What more/additional thing Codeforces can do?
Strict registration rules
What Other user(non cheaters) of CP community can do?
You are vital force

I don't know how much of this can be applied in there real life but I feel this will significantly reduce the amount of cheaters and will force people to enjoy CP instead of cheating...

Further idea from you will help to make better CP community so you ideas are welcome!


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