CodeChef Lockout #3

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Hi everyone.

CodeChef will be hosting the 3rd Lockout Competition today. Lockout is an intense and fast-paced coding competition between two top competitive programmers, incorporating an esports kind of feeling in competitive programming.

Today's match will be between 2 of the top 10 competitive coders in India:

  • Nischay Manwani (EnEm) — a 7* coder on CodeChef with a peak rating of 2690 on Codeforces.
  • Udit Sanghi (T1duS) — a 2 time IOI silver medalist with a peak rating of 2485 on Codeforces.

Lockout Details:

Lockout Rules:

  • There will be 6 problems, with scoring distribution: 101, 202, 304, 408, 516, 632.
  • If a participant solves a problem first, then his opponent cannot gain the score for that problem.
  • The player with the higher score at the end wins.

UPD3: Contest Link:

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