System Plagiarism Checker is dumb and CF doesn't Give a Damn about Low rank Participants !!

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Hello, I started doing cp last week and practiced every day and I know I can't do really good at the start but I have to keep learning So I am happy with my little progress like getting problem A done or Sometimes B, but 7 days ago, I gave the Codeforce Global Round 16 contest and in the contest, I solved A, B, C I am happy with that,

after some time I got a notification from the cf system that my solution 1556C matched with some other guys, and now I have to prove that I didn't cheat that say I need to comment under that announcement post and I did but how can I prove that I didn't share or copied that problem is so easy that easily many people can have the same approach to it and then I waited for I though my ratings will be back.

and they didn't and when I checked on other guys who also commented that they also got a notification about the 1556C problem and now I see their rating came back but mine didn't and also those are newbies like me or low rank.

here I am giving the solution which I submitted from my original id I am not attaching that because I don't want to give my original id because my friends said people just downvote you and not gonna help you because you are just a newbie they just trust high-rank guys.

My solution -> here

and please tell me how to not stuck in these kinds of problems is there any way to not get this same solution problem.

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