Conflict Between CF Round #745 and ICPC WF Invitational Division

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Hi, Codeforces!

I'm writing to ask if there's any way Round #745 can be rescheduled in light of the conflict between the round and the ICPC World Finals Invitational Division. For those unaware, teams unable or unwilling to travel to Moscow to attend the 2020 ICPC World Finals in person are competing remotely on September 30th. The two competitions completely overlap: the WF Invitational Division begins 90 minutes before the Codeforces round starts and ends 90 minutes after the round ends.

For what it's worth, the clash affects a fairly sizable population of participants: a total of 57 teams are currently slated to compete in WF remotely, so this affects around 170 people. Moreover, as ICPC WF qualifiers, these people are particularly likely to benefit from access to Div. 1 rounds, which generally aren't all too common. Unfortunately, the series of dates surrounding the 30th are relatively packed with contests, but here are a few scheduling options that might make sense (i.e., as far as I'm aware no other contests are being held during the CF timeslot on these dates):

  • Move CF Round #745 to Sunday, September 26th or Monday, September 27th
  • Swap Rounds #744 and #745 (I think it's not a problem if a Div. 3 round clashes with WF, since very few WF participants are in Div. 3 anyway)
  • Move Round #745 to between Sunday and Wednesday of the following week (October 3rd — 6th)

I think moving Round #745 to October 3rd may make the most the sense, given that holding the round on a weekend may make it easier for those interested to participate. That said, I'm open to other solutions (or to keeping the round on the 30th if need be, but for obvious reasons I'd prefer a different date!).

If anyone has thoughts or suggestions, feel free to share them below.


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